Strategy and Process

Equus invests nationally across all major property types in order to mitigate risk and capitalize on current and future trends.

Equus customizes and executes business plans that are unique to each asset from acquisition through disposition to enhance the value for each property.

Opportunity Driven
The firm's diverse and recognized market presence provides the ability to source new opportunities and capitalize on pricing imbalances throughout the United States

Investment Focus


  • Identify key catalysts that drive value creation - no reliance on leverage/inflation cap rate compression
  • Acquire assets at cyclical lows at fractions of replacement cost
  • Staff of knowledgeable real estate operators conduct thorough due diligence of each asset
  • Seek geographic and product diversification where pricing imbalances exist
  • Secure competitive and creative financing


  • Utilization of third party leasing firms to ensure optimal exposure to the entire market and hands-on management provides nimble responses to potential lease transactions
  • Seek additional revenue sources and deliver expense efficiency
  • Significant expertise in planning and execution of complex renovation projects
  • Consistently deliver outstanding quality and reputation for Equus assets within the marketplace


  • Knowledge of acquisition activity and pricing drives optimal disposition timing
  • Improve quality of asset offering to capture price premium
  • Extensive leasing and investment broker relationships enhance disposition effort
  • Maintain assets in sales-ready condition
  • Responsive management team reacts quickly to market opportunities