Equus Capital Partners, Ltd. (Equus) buys, re-positions, operates and sells real estate across a diverse range of product types and regions of the United States to acquire a diversified portfolio for each fund for which it invests. The firm achieves successful investment results through the use of a direct operating model and an experienced team of real estate specialists to consistently build value in underperforming assets. Equus has an active presence in many local markets within the United States. By directly operating its own assets across a broad range of real estate, its personnel are able to identify strategic opportunities which in turn provides Equus' investors a more cost effective and highly aligned investment structure.

Equus' highly qualified professionals offer many years of experience in acquiring, redeveloping and operating all of the major property types throughout all regions of the country.

At a Glance:

  • Approximately $4.0 billion in real estate assets under management
  • Approximately $3.0 billion in equity raised
  • 2.2 equity multiple on realized funds
  • 100+ real estate professionals across the United States
    • Over 35 years average real estate experience for senior management, 25 years as a team
    • Over 18 years average real estate experience for mid-level professionals, 10 years as a team
  • Registered Investment Advisor